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Bookkeeping Pricing

Painless, transparent pricing.

Let us take away your stress and give you back your time. Choose your perfect package today. We have the choice of a traditional model where you pay as you go and a pre-payment model with larger discounts.

Traditional Monthly Pricing

$50 /hr (starting price)

This is a traditional pricing plan. Pay monthly for hours used. Recieve discount for amount of hours used. Payment is due 15 days from the end of month. *Signed contract require 60 notice to end services required for discount.

  • 1-5 Hours $50 per hour

  • 5-10 Hours $45 per hour (10% Discount)

  • 10-20 Hours $40 per hour (20% Discount)

  • 20-40 hours $35 per hour (30% Discount)

Advanced Blocks of Hours

$42.5 /hr (starting price)

Save more by buying blocks of hours. They don't expire and can be used over multiple /months and / or years. *Requires pre-payment

  • 10 hours -$425 (15% Discount)

  • 20 hours- $750 (25% Discount)

  • 30 hours- $1020 (32% Discount)

  • 40 Hours -$1300 (35% Discount)