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Food Service Industry

Financial Solutions for Restaurants

restaurant staff standing at kitchen

Working in food service requires the kind of nitty-gritty attention to detail that only restaurant owners can understand. There are so many moving parts – the food and beverage inventory, payroll, point of sale systems, system controls, break-even reports – the list could go on and on. As a restaurant owner, you’re thinking about these things constantly.

Surely there’s a better way?

Here at Grace CPA Services, we’re ready to get to work! We know that accounting for restaurants requires a specific knowledge base in addition to general accounting practices. With that in mind, our accountants keep up to date with the industry and keep their training fresh. This ensures that they can hit the ground running for any restaurant client without having to play catch up. While you focus on feeding your clients, we’ll take care of the finances.

We love to work with small businesses and pride ourselves on giving each client the care and attention to detail their restaurant business deserves. From tax returns to financial reporting to dealing with operational expenses, we’re here to take a bit of that weight off your shoulders.

For accounting services unique to your restaurant's needs, email us at or give us a call at (616) 848-6144 and let us help you keep your doors open and your stress levels down.

Oh, and could we also grab the check?

Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Financial Reporting

  • Tax Returns

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Financial Consulting